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We specialize in international curriculums and university admission tests preparation. Our teaching is immensely student-centric. We make it our priority to identify the students’ learning needs and design a curated study plan to overcome challenges and guide them to a successful achievement of their educational goals. We align our efforts with students’ goals whether it is to get high grades for a top-tier university or feel comfortable with the subject knowledge to do best in the exams. We act as a mere catalyst to provide all the requisite resources to build that unrestricted path to their success. We have worked very hard to create customized, all-you-need study notes and mock exam questions for all the subjects so that the students learn, practice and be confident. ib chem tutor ib chemistry tutor ib biology tutor ib economics tutor

We have IB, A-levels and IGCSE high achievers as tutors, who further went on to get training from world’s top universities. In them, we seek qualities such as passion, capability, academic excellence, experience, and friendliness to create a delicate balance between affability and academic seriousness. This allows the student to be open about their academic difficulties making us responsible mentors to keep them on track to achieve their goals. ib econ tutor ib business tutor ib physics tutor ib english lit tutor

Our mission is provide a complete learning support to students pursuing int’l curriculums for a brighter future. Our teaching effectively deals with the learning gaps in students after the efforts put in by the school teachers. We aim to enhance the student’s learning potential through a inquiry-based teaching and help them achieve the targets to become what they aspire to be. We work to protect the hard work of parents invested in the future of their children. ib physics tutor ib math tutor ib chem tutor

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  • Extensive experience in int’l curricula  
  • Personalized lessons that focus on results
  • FREE trial lessonib chem tutor ib math tutor
  • Concise study notes & other support materials
  • Students friendly lesson policies ib econ tutor
  • Client-relations team that keeps in touch with you to ensure the tutorials achieve the results you want ib physics tutor ib bio tutor

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  • International tutors with proven academic success
  • Relevant qualifications and experience in their respective subjects
  • Engaging teaching that focuses on two-way communication

Mr. Talha

Primary Qualification:
Bachelor of Engineering & Business Economics

IB Business, IB Economics, IB Chemistry, IB Math

Teaching Experience:
4+ years

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Mr. C Lenihan

Primary Qualification:
Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation & Psychology (Minor)

IB English

Teaching Experience:
4+ years

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Mr. K Song

Primary Qualification:
Bachelors of Neuroscience (UK)

IB Chemistry & IB Biology

Teaching Experience:
3+ years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are online lessons at Pinnacle as good as in-person lessons and will students enjoy it?

We incorporate the qualities of in-person lessons into online learning. We use advanced online tools such as online whiteboard for students to see tutor’s explanations, fast file and picture sharing options for tutor and students to exchange their notes and assignments. We are continuously looking for more tools to make online lessons as good as in-person lessons. Click here to see what students say about our online lessons.

What is the qualification of tutors?

Our tutors have gone through the rigor of international schools and know what it takes to be successful. They exhibit excellent teaching and communication skills with the sole aim to instill confidence in the student. Their professional teaching experience varies from 2 to 6 years and they are all experts in their respective subject areas. Please visit the Our team and tutors page for details.

What does it mean by a FREE trial lesson?

The purpose of trial lesson is to match student’s learning style with the teaching style of tutor so that the student receives the maximum help to solve his academic problems. If student does not like the tutor then we don’t charge any lesson fee and there is no commitment for you to join.

What if the student does not like the tutor after the 1st trial lesson?

We shall engage with you once again to arrange another trial lesson with a different tutor. It is our commitment to extend maximum help and find the tutor that best suits your needs.

Does Pinnacle only offer one-to-one lessons?

We offer one-to-one, paired and small group lessons (maximum 5 students). Some students prefer paired or group lessons because they like to study with friends or other students to approach concepts or problems together and maximize their learning. We limit group lesson size to max 5 students for the tutor to ensure individual support to every student.

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