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Great SAT or ACT scores can be life changing and can secure you admissions and scholarships at top US and other globally recognized universities.

SAT and ACT tests cover many subject areas and can be highly conceptual requiring students to plan ahead and invest significant amount of time and effort in preparation. This task can be simplified by our expert support and guidance.

Our high scoring SAT and ACT preparation strategy focuses on the following components,

  1. Focus on stronger concepts – We teach concepts to fill in the gaps in knowledge. This empowers students to think independently and attempt any type of question with confidence.
  2. Mock Tests Practice – Students attempt 3-5 mock tests to identify the areas of weakness and learn from the feedback.
  3. Test taking strategies – Learning how to do active reading, which questions to attempt first, or how much time to spend on each question is the most important key to score competitive scores. We provide guidance about broad-based and student’s strength specific test taking strategies.

What’s the purpose of SAT & ACT?
The purpose of these tests is to measure a high school student’s readiness for college and predict future academic success by showing what a student is capable of learning.

Should I take SAT or ACT?
Both SAT and ACT tend to test same kind of knowledge and skills. Neither test tends to be harder than the other nor do universities prefer one test over the other. However, students are increasingly taking both the SAT and ACT because different students tend to do better on one test over the other.

Note that you do not need to sign up to study an entire test under this program! If you would like to focus on a specific unit or units, you can sign up for an appropriate number of lessons in order to complete the desired portion of the coursework.

Recommended Preparation Time & Pricing

Tests Recommended Duration Price(HK$)
SAT 20-30 Hours $650/hr or $18000/complete course
ACT 25-32 Hours $650/hr or $19000/complete course

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