Use your break to improve on academic weaknesses and
build a sound foundation

Summer and winter breaks are usually time for students to take a break from studies, relax and get re-energised for the upcoming hectic school schedule. However, for some, this could be a golden opportunity to strengthen their any kind of academic weaknesses.

We have noticed that students tend to make innumerable trivial mistakes in their math assessments pertaining to basic mathematical skills (e.g. simplifying indices, surds), thereby, losing out on easy yet extremely valuable marks. Some students find a topic extra difficult and may need to spend more time in understanding and mastering it but their hectic schedule during normal school time prohibits them from allocating more time to work on this.

We, at Pinnacle Education, provide students with an accelerated and tailored path to cement their foundation. We provide a range of targeted courses that are tailor-made based on the students’ need to tackle specific weaknesses. After its completion our students have a renewed sense of confidence that prepares them to handle future academic challenge head on!

Courses Offered

Fundamental Math Skills

Targeted lessons for IBDP Courses

Targeted lessons for IBMYP Courses

Targeted lessons for IGCSE Courses

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